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Edward Snowden delivers testimony to the European Parliament

In January 2014, the Civil Liberties (LIBE) Committee of the European Parliament voted to invite Edward Snowden to testify to its long running inquiry on electronic mass surveillance. Snowden’s testimony has now been published. Unlike Snowden’s previous brief statement to the inquiry, this new evidence includes answers to specific questions posed by members of the LIBE Committee.

In his evidence, Snowden reiterates that he is limiting his comments to topics that have already been reported on. He also repeats hs “willingness to provide testimony to the United States Congress, should they decide to consider the issue of unconstitutional mass surveillance.”

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Video: Edward Snowden meets German MP Hans-Christian Stroebele

Four video clips of Edward Snowden meeting German parliamentarian Hans-Christian Stroebele have just been released by WikiLeaks.

Green Party MP Stroebele is a member of the parliamentary committee that oversees German intelligence. He met Edward Snowden in Moscow on 30 October with an invitation to give testimony about the work of US intelligence agencies in Germany. At the meeting, Edward Snowden signed a letter stating that he would be happy to give evidence to such an enquiry, should circumstances permit.

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