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NSA QUANTUM Tasking Techniques for the R&T Analyst

This Booz Allen Hamilton presentation on the NSA’s Quantum tools describes the different kinds of malware attacks available to workgroups within the agency, the procedure an analyst must follow in order to make use of them and the way the systems themselves work, using a “man-on-the-side” attack from TAO’s FOXACID server. It also describes the respective Quantum capabilities of the NSA and GCHQ. See the Der Spiegel article Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit, 29 December 2013.

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UK and Swedish involvement in Quantum

This internal NSA document from April 2013 provides a progress report on projects where the NSA’s Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID) strategy involves a foreign partner. A paragraph on Sweden indicates that GCHQ’s participation in Quantum malware operations “may be in jeopardy” but that making the project a joint US-Swedish one has been “NSA’s goal all along”: see the SVT article FRA part of top-secret hacker project, 11 December 2013.

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